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It's so nice to have you here, my name is Emily, the gal behind the lens capturing or supporting you and your loved ones through one of the biggest moments in your life. Currently I am based in the Denver, Colorado area with my boyfriend and our three precious cats. We love to go on adventures to new places and do all the typical Colorado things, from hiking, biking, and scenic drives, to ending our day at a local brewery. Originally, I am from Birmingham, Alabama and often find myself going back home to visit my two sisters, parents, and friends. This is where my photography journey originally kicked off, at the age of 14, I photographed family's and weddings with local photographers and sometimes on my own. It wasn't until I was 19 that I photographed my first birth, which changed my entire photography career.

Out of all the genres that photography has to offer, being there the moment a new life is welcomed to the world is like no other experience. Witnessing this powerful, life changing moment that a family goes through, and giving them the gift of remembering it forever through photos is a soul fulfilling opportunity each time. The strength it takes to grow a child, and welcome them Earth side is worthy of remembrance. This work grounds me. It brings everything back to reality of how precious and beautiful life can be. I will never take for granted how incredible it is to grow this new life and welcome it into the world with such strength, power, and grace. Although I am not a parent myself, these are my favorite moments to witness in life. Having the ability to tell your story through professional photographs that will last for lifetimes to come, is my favorite story to tell. Your family grows and evolves so much over the years, and you take for granted how simple these moments are then the memory of them quickly fades. Let's tell your story through the gift of photographs for future generations to come.

Can't wait to meet ya,

Emily, CPD & CBP

We are committed to providing a safe and respectful environment for LGBTQ+ and BIPOC clients, and your story.

a little more about emily

Random Things

“- Obsessed with Oreos
- Wants all the cats and dogs a person could own
- I think I'm funny, which is only accurate about 50% of the time
- Love for vintage movies & musicals - Singin' in the Rain is my favorite (ask me about my collections!)
- Middle sister who 100% caused the mischief in the house
- The floral sleeve on my right arm represents all the state flowers I have lived in & flowers for my loved ones who have passed”

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“Emily was an amazing photographer! She made a situation I was very nervous about into something fun. This was a no pressure shoot that was totally based on our comfort level!”

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