Howdy Folks!

Thank you for checking out my work, it has been wonderful having you here! Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Emily, owner of Emily June Photography & Doula Services. Born Florida and raised in Alabama, by Northern parents with my two sisters, one might say my accent is confused LOL.

My Dad introduced me to photography when I was in the 6th grade by teaching me how to use his film camera, a Pentax K1000. Then I started by taking photos of flowers, my dog, and my friends, which then led to doing my friend's family portraits. That lit the fire in my soul to try more, so I started photographing school events, assistant photographer at weddings, and even had the opportunity to photograph a birth when I was 18. That opportunity to photograph the birth of a child changed my life forever, never had I loved capturing a moment in a person's life any more then that moment. This is when I knew where my life would go, but I just wasn't sure how or where to next..

About 4 years ago, my cousin asked me to move to Denver, Colorado to nanny her twin infants, and also gave me the opportunity to grow my photography business here. Now I am studying to be a birth doula, while living with my boyfriend and our three precious kitty cats in Littleton, Colorado. We love to go on adventures during our time off, whether its hiking, biking or driving the scenic route to a destination, and ending the day with a beer from a local brewery.

Photography is what gets me up in the mornings, what fuels my creativity, and continues to amaze me with the moments we capture through a lens. Looking back on photos is a gift, as you can almost relive a moment in the past, just for a moment. This is something I love to do with my loved ones, and reminisce about times past. Now it's your turn to have these moments with your loved ones, and share your story.

Can't wait to meet ya,


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“Emily was an amazing photographer! She made a situation I was very nervous about into something fun. This was a no pressure shoot that was totally based on our comfort level!”

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