Colorado family, maternity, and newborn photographer

It's nice to meet you, I'm Emily!

Your extroverted, outgoing, creative and bubbly photographer to snap every life moment you want to remember forever and ever. Being a photographer to document your journey through life and parenthood is just a dream. Then, to be able to travel all over the beautiful state of Colorado for this career.... someone pinch me!!

As a seasoned photographer, I have photographed SO many different types of photography, but the journey to parenthood is my absolute favorite. Believe me when I said I tried it *all*. 

I started my career pretty young. My Dad was the first person to hand me a camera, while my Mom was the person who made sure my sisters and I had a well documented childhood. Between these two, it was no surprise when I launched my career at an early age. I began to shadow local photographers, took photography courses in high school and courses led by local photographers. Then all it took was a few friends and family members to trust me to take their photos, and bam! 

A fun fact about me - I LOVE flowers. I was born in the Spring (I am an Aires baby), so flowers hold a special place in my heart. On my right arm, I have a floral tattoo sleeve that has the state flowers I have lived in, and forget me not flowers for my loved ones who have passed away. So throughout my business, I have added flowers where ever I can! Take a look through the website to see where they have been added! 

Emily June Photography is committed to providing a safe and respectful environment for LGBTQ+ and BIPOC clients, and your story.

a little more about emily

- Proud fur mama to three cats, but cannot wait to get a dog one day!
- Swimming is one of my favorite activities! I was on a swim team for almost a decade and taught swim lessons
- I moved to Colorado in 2017 to be my cousins nanny to her twin girls! Now they are big sisters to a little brother and sister.
- Bugs and I are not friends. Especially spiders!
- I love to binge watch Grey's Anatomy, Schitt's Creek, New Girl, and Modern Family while editing.
- Chocolate is the way to my heart!

Fun Facts!

LGBTQIA couple hugging at sunset

Emily was an amazing photographer! She made a situation I was very nervous about into something fun. This was a no pressure shoot that was totally based on our comfort level!


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